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Dendritic Agate in 14k Gold
Dendritic Agate in 14k Gold
Item#: newitem379974974
This item is currently out of stock. Please email for availability.

On my gem shopping trips to Tucson I have found a seller of the most beautiful and uncommon dendritic agates. He proudly tells anyone around that he has the "best agates in the entire Tucson gems show (a massive event)". Well, he's right. I have walked just about every inch of that show and I go to see him in the first minutes of his first day selling. That is how I came to acquire the piece on this page. This one is even more uncommon than others in his amazing collection. It came from a section of cave from which only 10% of what they extracted was gem quality. But that 10% had a very unusual patterning on the stone, unlike the bold and clear lines of most dendrites these ones have a very painterly, delicate feeling to them. Hard to describe, I hope you can see it in the image. For this special piece I made a setting in all 14k gold with extra accents. The stone itself is an inch a quarter top to bottom, the gold accents add another 1/2 inch in length. The chain is 14k gold filled and adjustable from 16 to 18 inches. I am happy to customize the chain length or material if you wish, just email me at erin@freebird-designs.com